Rainbow Bridge

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Steve: Certain people you meet you always remember that first encounter. > Steve, even though being a dog with a humans name, made such an > impression on me. I never forgot the first time I met him. I sat down > on the Foster Parents couch and he came running inside wildly, jumping > on the couch, and then off. He was just what I was looking for. A dog > with immense character. Everyone who met Steve commented on his > personality and his shiny coat. Steve was more than that to me. He was > the most loyal dog I ever met. He always wanted to be near me. When I > got married he was at the wedding. When my wife would sit next to me > on the couch he would literally try to crawl over the top of her to > get to me. I love Steve. Unfortunately he was diagnosed with Lymphoma > in March 2021. He fought hard. So hard I questioned if he was sick. He > passed away on May 19, 2021. He will be missed by not only me and my > wife but everyone who met him.

BRAT is devastated! We need your prayers for Benson and his foster mom, Michelle. And prayers for Benson's sister, Olivia. Benson underwent emergency surgery at 4:00pm CST today. He has lost 5 pounds in a month. Large mass near stomach - may be spleen....if so may be cancer. When they went in the cancer in the spleen had spread to his liver. There was nothing to be done. All of us at BRAT are heartbroken. His sister, Olivia, is whining and walking around trying to find him. Please keep all in your prayers.

The moment I saw Nora’s picture I knew I had to foster her. She was stunning. She was surrendered to BRAT for not “being perfect enough”. She was nothing short of amazing to me. I have never known such a sweet girl in my life. She was the kind of girl who just wanted to snuggle with you. At night she shared my pillow with me so she could be as close as possible. She loved treat time and going for walks. She was diagnosed with hydrocephalus. Once the condition started causing her pain we had to say goodbye. We were hoping to have more time with her. Nora changed my life and will forever have my heart.

On Friday, March 25, 2016, our sweet Oliver a.k.a. “Ollie” crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge. Oliver had such a rough start in his old life; his original family dropped him off in the country to face all kinds of horrible things. Thankfully BRAT came along and saved him. Unfortunately, he was bounced around from home-to-home for a variety of reasons including he barked too much or because the family just could not keep him. My sweet friends at BRAT came to me and asked if I would be willing to foster Oliver. They explained his story. They wanted to make him a Forever Foster. So, I brought him home. Ever since that day, Ollie won my heart. Ollie may have been known for the dog that barked too much, but that is what I miss the most about him. I would give anything to hear that bark again. We love you Ollie. Stephanie S.

Sergeant (Sarge) was found in a field in a rural area of Louisiana, very emaciated and weak from apparent dehydration and starvation. I saw a photo of him on Facebook and immediately asked BRAT if we could foster him. When he came in our front door, he hopped on the couch and curled up for a nap, just like he owned the place. He was such a sweetheart and kept his head nuzzled up to us, begging for head rubs. After refusing food and water all day, we brought him to the emergency vet clinic to get him some help. His test results showed that he had almost complete kidney failure and his prognosis was said to be poor to grave. There was a small chance of recovery though, so BRAT, my family, and his rescuer Jackie made the decision to continue treatment and pray for improvement. His story spread across the Internet and dog lovers all over the world were praying and hoping for his recovery. Unfortunately, after two days of intensive care, it was apparent that Sarge’s neglect was too advanced for him to be saved. We decided that it was best to let him cross the rainbow bridge where he would not suffer anymore. He passed away peacefully in our arms with his big brown eyes locked on mine. We will never forget the love and trust he showed us in the short time we got to spend with him, and we will continue his legacy by rescuing animals in need and educating pet owners about the importance of spaying/neutering, heartworm prevention, and pet safety.

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